Who Am I?

  • I am Mo Bailey (properly known as Maureen).
  • I am from Fort Collins, CO.
  • I go to DePauw University in Greencastle, IN (AKA the greatest school in the world) and am a proud Alpha Phi.
  • I’m living in Vienna, Austria to study music for a semester (#Beethoven #Mozart #HEAVEN)
  • I LOVE people, maybe a little too much. As in I hate being alone…call me an extrovert.
  • I play French Horn and sing opera, jazz, and whatever else my shower will allow.
  • I love to ski, hike, run (half-marathons, dreaming of running a marathon), cook and bake (we’re talking deadly chocolate chip cookies), travel, swim, bike, and pretty much anything with the people I love.
  • I am a passionate follower of Jesus.
  • I co-started (with a wonderful group of friends) a non-profit Coffee Shop in Greencastle, Indiana called Bagos, inspired by a small group called Coffee and Christ.
  • My family is a group of some of the weirdest, loudest, most incredible people I know and they mean everything to me.
  • I love good red wine, craft beers, all kinds of tee, coffee, and eating food…lots of it.
  • Making friends and eclectic coffee shops are two of my favorite things, especially when combined 🙂
  • I am obsessed with British Television (BBC), Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, all Sci-Fi and Action films, Emma Watson AND Hermione Granger (OK Harry Potter), and dogs…all dogs.
  • I love taking pictures, as evidenced by the gallery below. ENJOY!

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